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SasoDei- Wedding
Deidara paced the room nervously, a thousand thoughts racing through his head. 'Oh my God! I'm so scared! Happy, yes, but nervous as all hell! How did this happen so fast?'
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback time!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"I can NOT believe you Deidara!" Sasori yelled, slamming the door open, with a hold of Deidara's wrist. "How could I WHAT Sasori un?" Deidara asked, not liking being dragged.
"You were hitting on that guy at the party! What the hell? I take my eyes off you for one second to go to the bathroom, I come back, and you're busy giggling away with some stranger!" Sasori snarled, much disdain in his eyes as he said this.
"Oh, come on hon, we were just talking un! It's called making friends, people actually do that sometimes un." Deidara hissed back. "You're the one I chose Sasori, love." He leaned in for a kiss. Sasori put a hand up, denying him from what he wanted.
"I'm sick of having this arguement Deidara! I can't go outside this house with you without everyone an
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The Dance(Donatello x Reader)short fluff
Music played softly in the background as you and Donatello slow danced in the living room. It wasn't just a sway and snuggle type of slow dance it was an actual dance. He spun you gently, as you twirled your dress gracefully fluttered around your soft legs. You had taken off your heels so you were bare foot. Donatello was almost foot taller than you when you weren't wearing shoes but that didn't bother either of you. You were a dancer, naturally, and to your surprise so was Donatello. He offered a dip, curling your back you let him drop your body backwards and to his right in his arms. As he raised you up you giggled, causing him to smile. His eyes held so much love and compassion you felt as if your souls intertwined with a simple glance. He spun you out, allowing you to let the wind carry your body away. His hand caught yours again and pulled you back to him before you could flutter away. No words needed to be said, the dance spoke for both of you. You remembered his family and frien
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Hiya Everyone.
Today is my birthday!
I wish you all a good day!
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Yaoi is my life! =D Never dis- gaays! MAale or female


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