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Kurt and Todd from X-men Evo:
Kurt and Todd have a fight so TOdd makes a sketch video of them to this song Sterling Knight - What you mean to me
and shows how much he loves him.

Jack and Chase
Jack is a farm boy at a place where Chase is king.
Jack teaches the pigs to bow at Chase and saves one of his pigs from becoming dinner. In front of Chase of course.

Lietro and Kodd
It's years into the future and everyone is with someone.
Todd and Lance sing
Sterling Knight - "Hero",
with a little black and white video from Todd.

Kurt and Todd from X-men-Evo:
Todd is a rundown tattoo artist and Kurt is a circus boy who meet one night as blue boy is working on the tight rope.
They fall in love and both get a tattoo with their new lovers name on it.

Wanda and John- X-men Evo:
Wanda and John have a fight and go off in a huff. Then the sing "Movie Style" the song from Camp Rock 2 "Wouldn't Change a thing!"

Jack and Chase:
Role Swap but Chase is still the TOPPER!

Jack and Chase:
Chase is a singer in a band called "The Dragon Lords and Jack is his No1 fan. (NON stalker) and meets him in the weird place.

Kurt and Todd:
Todd is a wannabe surfer who tags with his friends at the Fish and Chip cafe where he tried to Win Wanda's heat but on Sing-Song-Night, he saves Kurt Wagner, the brother of Wanda's book club friend Ann Marie.
It's love at first sight. :heart:

Kurt and Todd from X-men-Evo:

Based on the mpreg comic LoosseScrapper's Roic and Jared.
Only it's a little different from the story.
This time Pietro finds out he's having babies but NO-one knows, even Lance.
So he runs away and hides from Lance.

Any Idea. Comment Please!
Got Tagged

1: Hetalia?

2: if you could meet anyone from a game, who would you meet?
Um................Dose Mario and Sonic games count?

3: if I threw a alligator at you, what would you do?
Duck and hit you with a rock.

4: would you rather be a cat or a jellyfish?
Cat. They cute and cuddly and Jelly Fish's are just WERID!

5: have you ever been skydiving? Would you want to?
I have no idea if i would unless i did it for a good cause.

6: favourite doctor?

7: can you give me an interesting and obscure fact?

8: if I gave you a utahraptor egg, what would you do with it?
A what?

9: what is your favourite fruit?
Apples, Banana's, Orange, plums, peaches.

10: if you had one wish, what would you do with it? 
With to be a better person.

my questions. 

1) How many boys/girls have you crushed on?

2) If you hungry what do you eat?

3) Best person in your life?

4) In fight: DO you walk away or fight back?

5) What's the best thing ever to happen to you?

6) Dave the Barbarian?

7) What's new in the fandom land for you?

8) Best song for right now?

9) Your best friend has been sick in your car and the nearest doctor is a mile away. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

10) Best band?


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Rock Lee=Naruto
Kurda + Harkat = Darren Shan
Joey and seto are my mpreg parents!!!!
Yaoi is my life! =D Never dis- gaays! MAale or female

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