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No more llama's please.
I do not like them, i do not.
It was a cold and chilly night in November. The snow had stared to fall down and covered the streets in a thin blanket.
The air was icy to the breath in and out.

Above the snow, a pair of hikers moved through the winter wonderland. A circus had come to town the night prior, and the owner of the shoes had decided he might be able to pass himself off as being part of the circus, giving him a chance to earn some cash for his tattoos. He was a pretty decent artist (never had any complaints), but he could never seem to get a job anywhere because of his ugly appearance and slightly bad attitude.
He came up the biggest circus tent and headed inside.

It was warm and smelled like honey in chocolate. There were very few people in the tent but the few were aether walking around, moving stuff or sitting around, watching someone on the high-wire.
On the wire was a tall blue furred teen with red braces on, holding up some old baggy pants.

Todd slunk through the crowds of people, keeping his hoddie over his head. He may want to make people think he worked for the circus, but he sure as hell wasn't part of the freaksh--who is that?
The tattoo artist looked up to see the blue acrobat on the wire, fascinated by the way he looked. "Wow, he must have a great make-up artist!" Todd thought. "That fur looks so real!"

The boy flipped off the wire then bamfed onto a large ball, smiling sweetly at the people who clapped. His teeth sharp and shiny. He then flipped off the ball and did some flips then disappeared again.

"Wow..." Todd breathed out. "I wonder how they do that effect."

Soon the show was over and people were talking. Everyone was laughing or trying to figure out what happened.

Todd took out his tools and sat down in one of the corners as well as taking out a sign.
Tattoos! Half-price! Take all requests!

People walked passed then a boy walked over. "Cool..........Can i have one?"

"Sure can, my brotha," Todd said, gesturing to Th e seat next to him. "Whatcha want?"

He pulled out a pic of a red A and blue R in a fiery red heart. "This please"

Todd studied the design before saying, "'Kay." As he began to trace the stencil, he asked the man, "So what's dis for?"

"My folks. Their traveling to a new town. They have been married for years"

"Dat's cool. Lotta kids don' like there parents that much tah get tattoos." Then, he took a good look at him. "Hey! Yer dat acrobat guy!"

"Yeah..............It's kinda fun being there........I feel free"

"It looks pretty cool up there. By the way, who does your make-up by the way? It looks so real!"

"It' to say really"

"What about the tail?" Todd asked, glancing over at the appendage. "Is it mechanical?"

"Um..............Tell you later."

Todd gave a shrug. "NO biggie, yo. Ain't none of mah business. Anyways, where ya want dis on ya?"

"On my back. Over my heart please"

"Alright then...would ya mind taking the fur off first? It's gonna be hard with it on an' it's jus' part of yer costume, of course."

"'s not a costume "

Todd blinked for a moment, not fully comprehending the sentence before he gasped in shock. "No way!"

"This is how i look..............Tail is real too. Look"

Todd watched honest shock as the tail moved of its own accord, no whirring sounds or anything. "Holy shit..." he breathed out, eyes wide.

The young man sighed and turned away. "I have a watch that makes me human. "You wanna see?"

Finally, Todd said once he'd fully wrapped his head around what this guy was he asked, "Human? Why the hell would ya wanna be human? You look awesome!"

The young man turned around in shock. "Really?!...............You think that?"

"Dawg, ya got a tail!" Todd laughed. "That's so cool! I mean, yeah, it's weird, but it's the BEST kind of weird!''

"Thanks...........*giggle* Anyway, the human thing is only an allusion. That way you can tattoo me"

"Alrighty," Todd said as he finished up the stencil and moved closer to him. "How's this look, Fuzzy--oh, is it alright if I call ya Fuzzy?"

"It's nice. Makes me sound like a cat and i love cats 'n' dogs" the boy giggled. "By the way. I'm Kurt Wagner"

Todd held out his hand. "Todd Tolansky. Pleased tah meet ya, man."

Kurt smiled and turned on his watch a little so his whole back was bare. "Ready"

Todd moved closer as he turned on his needle and placed the stencil on. "Alright, jus' wanna let ya know, this is gonna hurt a little, yo."

"Ok...........I'm ready dude!" Kurt smiled.

Todd gave a nod and got to work.

Kurt gulped and it did hurt when the needle touched him but he kept quite.
Soon it was over and Kurt sighed. "How dose it look?"

"Gotta wait a little bit, but from here, I think it looks good," Todd said proudly. "While we wait, can I ask how long you've been wit' this whole circus thing?"

"All my life. My sister works here too and so dose my family. This circus is a home for all the people who need a home" Kurt smiled and groaned. "I feel sore"

"Yer gonna feel like that fer a bit," Todd said, but he was thinking hard. "Y'know, Fuzzy...would yer circus be interested in mah skills by any chance?"

"I'll ask the ring leader! He loves getting new people."

"Hey, thanks, yo. I'd appreciate that!"

"I'd do anything for a nice guy like you. So can i move yet?"

"Ya can try. If it still hurts, better wait."

Kurt stood but fell back into his seat. "Ow!.............Too sore"

"Bettah stay here, then, blue-boy. Wait a bit."

"Ok.........So why are you here?"

"Me? Jus' lookin' tah get some cash, ya know. Gotta make a livin'."

"I see.....HEY! My sister and her man need some tattoo's! Their willing o pay top dollar!"

"Sounds great! Once yer ready we'll go talk tah them!"

Kurt nodded.

Todd smiled slightly. "So, uhh...have you always been, y'know...fuzzy?"

"All my life Todd. *giggle* I was born fuzzy so my mother thought she birth a puppy or maybe a kitten"

"Do you know why?" Todd asked, checking over the tattoo.

"No but i blame my dad and mom"


"Their very different"

"How so, yo?"

"IT's better you met them cause thier-"
"KURT! There ya ara! Ah have been looking for ya!"

Todd glanced up to see a girl about their age with a white streak in her hair walking towards them.

"What's up?"

"We were supposed to meet--...who's this, Kurt?" Rogue asked, eying at Todd suspiciously.

"This is Todd. Our, hopefully, soon to be tattoo artist. He just did my back. Look!"

Rogue looked. "Wow! That's really good!"
Todd smiled proudly. "Thanks!"

"You got a mirror?"

"Wait!" Todd said as he looked through his bag before pulling out one.

Kurt looked and smiled. "WOW! IT's wonderful!"

Todd smiled. "Glad ya like it."

"Rouge? Will you get mother and father? And the ring leader?"

"You've got it. Be right back." She wandered off.

Kurt slowly stood and groaned. "I still feel sore"

"Don't worry, blue-boy. It'll wear of. Small price tah pay, huh?"

"Yeah. How much?"

"Fer you, yo? Nothin'."

"Oh thanks! Your really sweet to do so!" Kurt smiled and patted his back.

"Ah, it's no big deal. Hey, if I can make a livin' here, that'll keep me happy."

"Cool." Kurt smiled and sighed. "Anyway, he they come"

Todd glanced up.

Rouge and two people walked over.

"Hi!" Todd greeted them.

"Hello young man. Your the tattoo artist" smiled the woman

"Sure am," Todd said as he stood.

"I am Azalea and this is my wife Raven. Where is your tattoo Kurt?"
The young man and turned around and showed his back.

"Oh, it looks so wonderful!" Raven said. "I'm so happy you did this...I was worried at first, but it's so sweet."

"Thanks mom. Father?"
His father smiled and nodded. "It's wonderful and i love the details."

Todd smiled. "Aww, well, Fuzzy here made up the design. I jus' put the needle tah work."

"Still young man, it's beautiful!" the red man smiled. Suddenly, a bald man wheeled over.

"This right here is the professor," Rogue said, introducing the older man.

"Nice to meet you young man"

Todd held out his hand politely. "Name's Todd Tolansky, yo."

"Charles. May i see you back Kurt?"
Kurt showed him and he smiled. "Wonderful!"

Todd smiled a bit proudly. "So, uhh, who exactly are ya, sir?"

"I am the ring leader of this group. I own and mange this circus with my good friend ERic. I see you need a job. Having someone with you talents would a wonderful thing. Many people in the circus wish for tattoo's. Would you like to walk around first and see if you like it?"

"Honestly, dawg, I'm takin' the job either way. As long as ya all want me. But it'd be nice to be introduced tah everybody, I guess."

"Then please come this way. I have something for you to see"

Todd followed him.

The circus was filled with people with powers and all were young teens.

"Wow..." Todd said, staring with amazement. "This is SO cool."

"I see. Ah! Here they are. *looks up large tree* Lance? Fredrick? Can you come down here?"

From the tree, a large teen came down, landing hard and making the earth beneath them shake while another teen down and smiled.

"Todd? This Lance and Fredrick. They show around"

"Sup?" Todd said as a greeting.

"Yo" Lance smiled and shook his hand. "How are you?"

"Pretty good, man. Pretty sure I gotta new job, so pretty happy."

"Like what?"

"I'm a tattoo artist an' apparently, I'm needed here. I was jus' passin' through."

Lance smiled. "AWSOME!"

"So what can you do, man? What's your job?"

"Freddy and i do the heavy work. Plus *makes the ground shake* I can do this"

"Whoa! Freakin' awesome!"

Freddy laughed then picked up the tree.

"Dude! How are you doing that?!" Todd exclaimed excitedly, hopping up and down absentmindedly.

"We're mutants. Everyone here has a gift"

"I've never heard of that before!" Todd said, still hopping up and down. "I wish I was one!"

"You never know dude. You might be one. Everyone here is a mutant"

"Aww, I ain't special like you guys!" Todd said.

"We'll see little guy" Fred smiled. "Come on. You can help with the dinner rush"

"Cool," Todd said with a smile. "Let's go!"

Lance and FReddy lead him off to a large tent for cooking, many young teens rushing around.

"So what're we doing?"

"We go in and out of the kitchen and place all the food onto the table so everyone can grab and eat"


"Come on! GRab some oven glove and lets move"

A little later, Toad found himself dashing in and our of the kitchen, placing food down for people and gathering up dirty plates. It was hard work, but Todd also found that he didn't really mind. Freddy and Lance had been really cool to him and he knew Kurt was really great.
Not a bad job, he thought.

Suddenly, a young man with sliver hair zoomed in. "ROCKY! I'm HERE!"

Todd glanced up at the teen, who also looked around his age. Pencil thin, a mischievous light in his eyes, and a pose that said, "Come at me, bro."
"Hey, what's yer name?" Todd said, walking over to him, a container of dirty dishes held in one arm. "I'm Todd."

"Pietro. Lance little sweetheart"

Todd blinked in surprise, but gave a smile. "That's cool. He's in the kitchen."

"Thanks! *Runs off* LANCE!~~~"

Todd laughed a bit at the guy before finishing cleaning off the tables in the now empty area.

"Hey Todd!" Came Kurt's voice.

Todd glanced up and grinned more. "Hey, fuzzball! How's it goin'? Where ya been?"

"Ok and great! Everyone i showed my tattoo to wants one too!"

"Yes!" Todd yelled fist pumping. "More business for the Toad!"

Kurt giggled sweetly then grabbed some food for him, his sister and Todd.

"'Bout time to eat dis!" Todd said as he began to eat. "Looks so good!"

"Our cooks the best"

"Definitely. Do you cook at all?"

"Not really. You?"

"Best I can make is a sandwich and cereal."

"Me too"

"Ah, well. How was your day?"

"REal goo to tell the truth"

"Cause you got a tattoo from the best artist?" Todd joked.

"Better than best"

"Aww, stop, yer makin' me blush!" Todd laughed, lightly punching him in the shoulder.

"It's true! Your the best!"

"Thanks, Fuzzy."

"Your welcome"

Todd smiled at him softly.

Kurt smiled back. "You know.......I know it sounds silly but........i feel like we're friends already"

"I think we are, dawg," Todd said.

Kurt smiled and hugged him.

Todd smiled a bit.

Kurt let go and ate more then passed him three sheets of paper.

"What's this, yo?"

"People's name and what tattoo they want"

"Ooh! I love it! ...ooh, this looks fun!"


"I get to draw a card with the Queen of Hearts on it! It's supposed to have fire around it, too! For...Gambit?"

"Rouge's lover"

"Ah. Is this supposed to be her or somethin'?"

"The Queen of Hearts is his fave card and it also means Rouge"

", these are gonna be so much fun tah do. I haven't had much business lately so I'm excited."

"What about this one"

"Which one?"

"The heart one"

"Oh, that's pretty. Who's that for?"

"Not sure"

"Huh, there's no name. Well! Either way, where am I gonna sleep?"

"I have a free hammock in my tent but we're moving tonight. You can sleep in the truck. The swinging puts you right to sleep"

"I'll take yer word fer it, Fuzzy," Todd said, clapping him on the shoulder before standing up and gathering his papers.

"Full up?" Kurt smiled. "If you are, this way"

"Yeah, let's go, dawg."

"Do you need something?"

"NOt really. Jus' a place tah crash."

"No belongs?"

"Jus' my tools, but I left dat in the tent so it's fine. I'll keep it wit' me if dat's the way you guys want it."

"Ok." Kurt smiled and showed him the trucks.
Later, everyone was packed up and on the road.

Todd was in the truck as it rolled along, laying on a set of blankets and such. He wasn't asleep yet, doubted he would be soon, but enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Kurt was laying near by and sleeping soundly. Fred was on the floor with a girl on his belly.

Lance was snoozing loudly in Pietro's arms as the white-haired teen cuddled against him in his sleep. Rogue laid near, Remy and her holding hands in their sleep as he slept on the floor.

The air was at peace and it was quiet save for the sounds of the trucks moving"

Todd rolled over, glancing over at the people with him. He'd never been with so many before. People usually didn't like to be around him.

Suddenly, someone farted.

Todd couldn't help the sudden snort that escaped him as he began to crack up at the sound.

Suddenly, everyone started laughing.

The whole room was laughing deliriously hard when Pietro shouted, "Okay, who was it? Come on, fess up!"

"Not me!" Kurt laughed, flapping his hand and tail.
"I didn't!" Lance laughed and Tabby did the same. Freddy sighed and raised his hand. "I had 10 bean burttios"

"Knew it," Pietro stated before leaning back against Lance. "Can someone open a window, for the love of god?!"

Kurt laughed and opened the open window.

Todd snickered quietly in his corner, enjoying his new home.

A few night later.

The group had gotten set up in a new town and it was a couple hours until showtime.

Some people were waiting for their tattoo at Todd's both.

Todd, on his part, was having a ball giving everyone their tattoos since it gave him a chance to talk and get to know all of them.
"So, how long have you and Speedy been an item?" he asked Lance as he worked on the tattoo on his bicep.

"Since we were 12. We were best friends then when we reached 17 we fell in love"

"Aww, that's adorable!" Todd said with a bit of a snort

"Yeah yeah. Anyway, hows it going?"

"A'ight. I love it here!"

"Great. Ooooo! How's it looking?"

"Perfect so far. Just try to keep still."

"Thanks............Hey. Can i ask something?"

"Sure. What's up, yo?"

"Ok..........I know this will be weird and all but.......My ex girl friend kinda go a bad tattoo on her back of my name so............Do you know how to change it?"

"Hmm...I could, but it depends on what she wants to do with it and how much she's willing to pay."

Lance laughed. "Can you make it Evan?"

"A'ight. Sign her up."

"Ok dude.................Done yet?"


Lance looked down and smiled. His tattoo was of Pietro's name with sliver fire.

"Think he'll like it?" Todd asked.

"I hope so. Thanks"

"No problemo, bro. Send in the next guy, will ya?"

"Ok." Lance smiled and walked out with his shirt off. "Next guy!"

Todd smiled as he set up his tools again.
Later, the shows had begun and Todd had decided to take a twenty minute break and walk around. He saw Kurt's area and watched him from down below as he was up on the high wire.

Kurt was twisting and turning. Appearing from one spot to another. He felt free.

Toad found himself entranced by the way Kurt moved and for a second, wanted to be up there with him. Not only to be near him, but to feel that joyous freedom...

Soon the show was over.

Todd waited up for him.

Kurt soon walked out and hugged him. "HEY! There you are!"

Todd clapped him on the back. "Hey!"

"I saw you up there! You should try this!...............You ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, man...that, uhh...actually sounds like a lotta fun. Can we try?"

"Sure. Wait for everyone to go then we'll go up"

"Sounds cool."

Once the tent was empty, Kurt helped TOdd onto the high wire"

Todd staggered at a little once they were high up. "Whoa!...okay, okay...sorry, was feelin' dat vertigo fer a sec there."

"I know the feeling. Ok. Let's try and keep our balance. I have a net ready"

"Okay...okay, whoa!" Todd felt himself stagger a bit and grabbed onto Kurt by his shirt.

Kurt hugged him tight and smiled as they were nose to nose. "You ok?"

Todd felt a soft blush tint his cheeks before he gave a nervous chuckle. "Heh, yeah. Thanks, blue-boy. Guess I'm not very good wit' balance, huh?"

"Just think air."


"Like this" Kurt smiled and moved like air.

Todd watched, his eyes wide. "Whoa! Damn, how do you do that?!"

"Keep your body in blanche, back strait and look up"

Todd obeyed, trying to keep up, but ended up losing his balance and falling backwards. "Oh, shi--"

"TODD!" he cried but gasped when he boughed back like a frog.

"Whoa!" Todd shrieked as he landed on his feet back there. "How did...?"

"Did......YOu jumped like a frog!"

"How did that happen...? It's like...I don' know what it's like."

"TRy again!" Kurt smiled.

Todd tried to walk on the rope, but ended up falling again. He fell to the net, but as his legs went first, he sprung right back up.

"That is so COOL! You like a Frog!..........Not! Better! A TOAD! THAT'S why your here!"

"Whaddya mean, 'why I'm here'? I'm here tah work with tattoos. That's it!" He glanced down. "Maybe that net thing is elastic of somethin'."

"NO! I think it's your mutant power!"

"What?! B-But I ain't a mutant! I'm normal! Painfully ordinary!"

"Being mutant can be fun!"

"Oh, totally! But...but I've nevah been able tah do that before."

"Must be a late bloomer"

"That happens?" Todd asked as he tried to keep balance. "I wonder what else I can do..."

"Can you make frog sounds? Stick out your tongue?"

Todd gave him a look and a slight glare. "Funny. You should be a comedian, fuzzy."

"I only trying to help"

Todd staggered a bit as his eyes softened. "Sorry, yo. Jus'...this is weird, man."

"I blue and fuzzy all over"

"Well, yeah, but yer at least cute," Todd said, a glint of mischief in his eyes as he glanced at Kurt, smiling slightly at him.

Kurt nudged him. "Your cute too"

"Thaaanks!" Todd tried to say, but when Kurt nudged him, he tipped over again and fell into the net.

"Sorry Todd! *jumps down too* Sorry about that- WHOA! *falls into Todd's arms*"

Todd let out a squeak when Kurt fell on him, but blushed as he smiled at him.

Kurt laughed and bamfed them down. "That was fun"

"Yeah..." Todd said as they were holding onto each other. "I meant it, y'know...yer really cute..."

Kurt smiled and hugged him. "You too! I think your WAY cute. Anyway *pulls away* Tattoo's?"

"Yeah, sure...who's up?"

"Let's go see"

Todd walked along with him and halfway to the tent, he took his hand, holding it in his.

Kurt blushed but held the hand tight.
There was a long line.

"Well, looks like I got a lotta work tah do. Ya wanna sit wit' me an' watch me work mah magic?"

"Sure!" Kurt smiled then walked with him over to his booth and sat down with him.

"Alright who's up first?"

A young girl walked over. "Hiya Kurt"
"Hiya Kitty."

"Hi," Todd said. "I'm Todd."

"Nice to meet you. *Shows back* Can you fix this?"

"Ah. Yer Lance's ex, then. Have a seat. Now this is gonna hurt a little, just lettin' ya know."

"Fine. Just PLEASE fix this mistake. I KNEW it was wrong. Even and i are meant to be really"

"Long as yer sure, lady," Todd said as he got to work.

Kurt held Kitty's hand and Todd worked his paint magic. Near her shoulder was a tiny "Kurt" in curly righting.

Todd noticed it after a while and while he waited for the chemicals to set he asked, "When did, uhh...when did you get that one?"

"Kitty and i have tattoo's of our names. It's to remember our first friend"

"Oh..." Todd said as he got back to work. "How long you been friends?"

"For 4 years"

"Wow. Long time. How'd ya meet?"

"My sister was trying to get me to date her so she's have the tent to herself. We tried but we stayed friends"

"That's good."

"Yeah, but Kurt has a thing for guys!"
"Just up!" Kurt cried.

Todd gave a chuckle. "Yeah, I noticed."

Kurt laughed then soon Kitty was done and up. They passed her a mirror. "OH MY GOD! It looks GREAT!"

Todd smiled proudly. "Glad ya like it."

Kitty hugged him and ran off to show her back. Once gone Kurt kissed his cheek.

Todd blushed hard, but smiled.

"You better get back to work.........I need some sleep"

"Yeah...see ya tomorrah, blue-boy."

Kurt smiled at him and walked off.

Todd gave a sigh and a smile before getting back to work.

A few weeks later.

Todd had been practicing his hopping and getting much better at controlling it.

Kurt was writhing down all that happened and he smiled at how much better Todd was getting. One night, Freddy walked into Todd's tent and sat down. "Todd?"

"Yeah, big guy?" Todd answered as he was cleaning his tools.

"Can i ask you something? Guy to guy?"

Todd glanced up. "Ya can ask me anything, yo."

"I'm thinking of proposing to Tabby"

Todd blinked in shock before saying, "No way! That's great!"

"Only thing is...........I have NO idea how!"

"...pretty simple, bro. Y'see ya get a ring, then ya kneel down on one knee, and ask--"

"That's too simple! I need something i want to have her name and my last name on my back"

"Ooh, that'll be you think she'll say yes no matter what?"

Freddy sighed. "I'm not sure"

"Ya gotta be sure, man. If ya put all that effort and she says no, it's gonna make both of ya feel bad, y'know?"

"I don't know. She HAS been hinting"

"Well, then go for it. Take her someplace real romantic to the both of you."

"Ok...............But keep me on the tattoo"


Later dude"

"Bye, bro!"

Hours later, Rem walked in.

"Hey, man."

"Hey. Can we talk?"

"Sure, man. Ya got lady troubles, too?"

"I'm asking Rouge tonight"

"Ha! Seriously?"


" ya gonna do it?"

"Take her on a moonlit walk and ask her"

Todd nodded, impressed. "Anything else?"

"Dinner and dancing. "I'm pulling out all the stops...............But i have ONE problem"

"AND that would be...?"

"Her mother. I asked them both for her hand. Her father said yes but her mother said no. Her father said i can ask anyway"

"Then, I'd do it. You at least got halfway, bro."

"Ok.............By the way, word tot he wise.....Don't fall for Kurt"

Todd blinked at the man, then furrowed his brow. "Why not?"

"One reason. Ash"

Todd looked lost.

"ASh was the really mean guy. He would flirt with ever girl in the circus, even my Rouge. Kurt had BIG thing with him. So one night, Kurt told him how he felt and they started dating.............then one night.............Ash nearly killed Kurt"

Todd stared at the man, horrified. "Why? Why would he do something like that?"

"He saw Kurt's real form and thought he was a real demon"

"What a jackass," Todd couldn't help snapping. "I mean, he should've figured out Kurt wasn't bad. Hell, he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met! He's even a Christian to top it all off!"

Rem smiled knowing. "You love Kurt....don't you?"

TOdd blushed a bit as he resumed cleaning his tools and mumbled out, "Maybe..."

"Oh Todd........Listen....I have one thing to say..........Be true to him and tell him you love him soon.........."Night TOdd"

Todd hesitated before saying, "Okay...night, Remy."

A few more days later, Freddy and Tabby walked in asking for matching tattoo's.

Todd grinned and asked, "Alright, what do ya two lovebirds want?"

"Each other's name on our backs! To celebrate us getting married!"

Todd grinned. "That's great!"

"Yeah! We're gonna get each other names on our back so we're fully married." Tab smiled and Fred sat down.\

Todd gave a smile. "Alright. Choose the print you want here," he handed them a sheet, "and I'll get everything prepared."

"Thanks hun" Tabby smiled and sat on Freddie's lap and they looked over the list.
After a while Tabby picked the righting for Fred's back while Fred pick out hers. "This way, our names are written the way we are"

Todd smiled. "Aww, yer both so cute! Okay, who wants tah go first?"

Tabby moved forward and showed her back.

About an hour or so later.

Freddy was up next and hold Tabby's hand.

"YA ready, bro?"

"Go on!" Freddy smiled and held Tabby's hand.

Todd got to work and soon after a long time, he was done.

"Oh!" Freddy sighed and he stood up. "I feel sore"

"Yer gonna feel that way for a while, man. Jus' take it easy, both of you."

"Thanks frog prince. Come on big guy"

Todd smiled as they walked off.

Room ROuge walked in. "Evening froggy"

"Hi, ROgue."

"Hey little prince" smiled Rem. "My darling wife and i want to talk with you"

Todd smiled, but caught a certain word. "Are...are you guys married?!"

"Not yet" they laughed. "Can we talk?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"It's about ma brotha Kurt.

Todd paled a bit. "OKay..."

"Rem said you might like him. DO you?"

"...maybe I do," Todd said.

"You herd about Ash?"

"Rem mentioned him...look, I don' mind that Kurt's all fuzzy. Actually it's kinda cool! He's sweet and caring...and if we have problems it's probably going to be because there is something wrong with me, not him."

"I have nothing against it"


"If you wanna date my brother"

"Really? You're okay with it?"

"Yeah. You DID give us our tattoo's"

"Well, yeah, but...I'm not exactly the kinda guy you wanna show to your parents, y'know?"

"You should see them"

"YA think?"

"Yeah. I'm sure they'd understand"

"I guess..."


"Is that Fuzzy??"


Todd smiled softly and said, "Thanks, Rogue. Y'know...for not bein' mad.'

"You kidding. My bro LOVES you"

Todd blushed a bit and gave a scoff. "Maybe..."

Kurt walked in. "Rouge! Come on! Mom and dad want you at dinner with Remmy"

Rogue exchanged a lance with Remy before saying, "alright, we're going."

"come on love"

"Bye, guys," Todd said before smiling at Kurt. "Hey, fuzzball."

AS soon as his sister passed them he smiled at Todd. "HEy"

"How ya doin'?"

"Pretty good really" he smiled then was dragged by his sister. "Bye!"


The next morning.

Todd was helping make breakfast.

Lance was singing with him and making a beat. Freddy was helping serve.

Toad was singing along with them as they worked.

Kurt, Pietro and Tabby walked in and watched.

Finally, after a few minutes, Todd finally realized they were being watched.

"Hello~" the three watchers laughed.

"Uhh...hey! We was just, uhh..."

Tabby giggled. "You should sing at my wedding"

Todd blushed hard as he strategically moved behind Lance.

Freddy laughed too and hugged Tabby. "Come here baby! *KISS*"

Todd couldn't help his snicker. " cute..."

Kurt and Pietro laughed too then Kurt walked over to Todd. "Hey. I got a tattoo idea!"

"Sure, fuzzball. What is it?"

"come this way"

Todd followed him out.

Suddenly everyone cheered at him. "HIP HIP HORRRAY!"

Todd raised an eyebrow, looking completely lost. He glanced behind him, then looked back out at the crowd. Then, he whispered to Kurt, "Okay, what's going on?"

"It's to thank you for the wonderful tattoo's AND that this really great artist want you to do one"

Todd blinked at him. "An artist?"

"That one who inspired you into art"

"No way...she's!"

"Hello Mr Todd. I herd you make tattoo's" a very wonderful voice spoke.

Todd's jaw dropped. "Y-yer...y-y-yer..." he stuttered, unable to say the woman's name.

"Sandra Monlone Morcumm! Nice to meet you"

Todd stared at the woman, holding out his hand dumbly for her to shake.

Sandra shook his hand. "I wish to see if you really are good! If you are...............I want a tattoo from you!"

Todd stared at her for a moment before asking Kurt, "Can you pinch me? I seriously think I'm dreamin'."

Kurt pinched him.

"Nope. It's not a dream," Todd said, more to himself than anything as he literally gazed in awe at his idol.

"Well then folks, lets see your tattoo's"


Sandra was in awe of Todd's work and wanted one too. "I MUST have one!"

"O-okay..." Todd said nervously. "What would ya like?"

Sandra thought for a moment then smiled. "I want you to draw a white rabbit on my back, over my heart. The words "Snowy" On it"

"Okay! Ya got it, ma'am!

Sandra sat down and soon waited for her tattoo.

Todd got it all ready and began to work.

Kurt smiled and watched him work.

Soon, the tattoo was done and Todd had made sure to do his best for the woman in his chair. "H-How's it look, ma'am?" he asked, properly holding up two mirrors so she could see.

She took one looked and stared to cry. "Oh my god!..............It looks just like my rabbit when i was little!"
Standing she hugged him tightly. "Thank you!"

Todd stared ahead, wide-eyed. "Y-yer welcome, ma'am. It, was an honor."

"Wait till i tell all my friends about this! Thanks guys"

Todd smiled at his idol. "Thanks, ma'am."

After paying Todd, she left smiling.

after she was gone, Todd squealed loudly. "Oh my god! I just met the greatest tattoo artist EVER!"

Kurt hugged him tightly.

Todd hugged him back just as tight. "Did you invite her?!"

"I had a lot of help"

Todd grabbed him and kissed him all over his face.

Kurt giggled and kissed back.

"You are the best!" Todd said as he kissed. "I swear, I love you!"

Kurt blushed. ".....i...i love you too"

Suddenly, Todd realized what he'd said and blushed, too. "S-sorry, I-I didn't mean to...I..."

Kurt kissed him.

Todd effectively stopped talking and kissed him back.


Todd smiled at him.

"Your great" Kurt smiled and hugged him.

Todd smiled more and hugged him back tighter.

One year later.

Everything thing a very different.
Tabby was now a mother of two boys and one girl while Pietro was on his way to mother hood.
Wanda and John were getting married while Rouge was fighting with Remmy about their 5th baby.
Kurt an TOdd.......were dating.

Todd was currently stretching himself out, getting ready for the show in about an hour. Half a year ago, he'd become much more attuned with his powers and joined Kurt's high wire act.

Kurt was trying to tie his hair back. "Oh! Todd my sweet frog king, would you help me?"

Todd got up and hopped over to him, taking his hair. "Ya got it, we go...there! How's that?"

"Perfect! Thanks angel!" Kurt smiled and hugged him tight then got back to getting dressed.

Todd smiled to himself as he resumed his stretches. "Welcome, fuzzball."

"What shall we try this time mein love?"

"Hmm...well, we could try that act we did a few months ago. The one where ya dress up an' I wear the mask? The beauty an' the beast one!"

"I love that one!!! Lets do it!!"

Todd smiled as he leaned in, giving Kurt a sweet kiss on the cheek before getting the stuff ready.

Kurt smiled and looked at the small tattoo on his wrist that said "Rouge Sister".

Todd idly glanced over at his boyfriend and asked, "That tattoo botherin' ya, babe?"

"Still sore but its great! It's a great birthday gift"

"That's good," Todd said with a smile.

Kurt kissed his cheek and smiled.

Todd still smiled before nuzzling their noses together. "I love ya...Yknow that, right?"

Kurt nodded and soon lead them to the tent to preform.
Once the lights went out, Kurt sat in the middle of the floor and waited for the spotlight.

On cue, the spotlight hit him and music began to play. Everyone watched in awe as he moved so greatly.

Then, Toad appeared, wearing his frightful mask and hopped up next to Kurt, attempting to look scary.

Everyone gasped but Kurt pretended to be scared then cursory of this new thing.
He then started to dance with him.

Todd pretended to be shocked and leapt away from him, trying to hide, putting his hands over his face as the music grew somber.

Kurt took his hands away from his face and kissed them then started to try get Todd to dance with him.

Todd finally began to dance with him as they practically glided through the air, the crowd applauding them.

After a while, they ended on the high wire and danced.

Finally, the performance came to a close and everyone watched as Todd's mask was taken off and the two kissed.

Everyone clapped loudly and screamed for joy!

After the performance, Todd and Kurt were sitting outside the tent, looking up at the stars, Todd kissing sweetly at Kurt's neck.

"*Giggle and places hand on neck* what was that for?"

"Jus' cause," Todd said with a shrug and a smile.

Kurt kissed him back deeply.

Todd pulled him in deeper, turning their kiss more passionate.

Kurt smiled then pulled away when he herd a scream.

Todd pulled away, too. "Who was that?"

"It sounded like my sister!"

"Let's go find her!"

"Let's go now!"

The two went towards where the scream had come from.

Rouge was with Rem as a mad man stood over them.

"What the hell is goin' on?!" Todd yelled as the two approached.

"Stay back!" ROuge cried as the man looked around and shot Kurt in the gut.
"AGH!" Kurt cried, hitting the ground.

"What the--?!" Todd yelled as he fell down to the ground next to Kurt. "Fuzzy?! Kurt?!"

Rouge ran at her.

"What's happening?" the toad-like mutant shouted, looking very lost and scared.

The man mad tried to run and was tackled by Freddy.

TOdd managed to pick Kurt up, even thought the poor guy was in pain and rushed him off tot he medical tent, screaming the whole time that they needed help.

Rouge ran with him, her boyfriend dragging the guy away.

Once in the tent.

Hank, the doctor stared at Kurt for a while.

"Can you fix him?!"

"I would if you would BACK OFF!"

"Okay, okay!" Todd said, moving a little farther away, his eyes wide with fear.

"Let's see..................Ok, i can fix this!"

"Please do!"

Hank glared and turned away to heal Kurt.

Todd kept his distance, but watched with worried eyes.

Soon, the bullet was gone.

Todd was still watching, keeping himself quiet until McCoy gave him the okay.

Once Kurt was stitched up, Hank smiled. "He's all yours"

Todd let out a heavy sigh of relief as he went over to him. "Thank you."

Kurt soon slowly awoke and smiled at him. "Hey baby! How are you?"

"Glad that you're okay!"

"What happened?"

"You got shot by some lunatic!"

"...............I..............I recall that....................What now?"

"I dunno."

Kurt sighed then looked at Todd and rubbed his lovers face. "You look so handsome in this light"

Todd rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, jus' get some rest alright. Ya can admire me later. Go tah sleep, cuddlebumps."

Kurt kissed his nose weakly. "You too Frog King"

"Love ya," Todd said, kissing his forehead sweetly.

A few night later.

Todd was sitting beside Kurt who was sleeping.

Kurt was in his boxers and sleeping in Todd's lap.

Todd was thinking to himself as he stroked Kurt's fur.

Kurt groaned.

"Sweetums? Ya okay?"

"Sore from stitches"

"I know, babe. But Doc said ya should be better in a few more days."

"Ok." Kurt sighed and laid on his belly. "Rub my back?"

Todd smiled as he stared to rub Kurt's back, slowly and soothingly.

"You are the best in my life"

"I try tah be," todd replied, a bit jokingly as he rubbed.

"Nope. You are the only man i need"

Todd smiled to himself at that before saying, "Y'know, I know yer in a lotta pain now, but I was thinkin' 'bout somethin' a few days ago that I wanted tah talk tah ya 'bout."

"*looks at him* Like what"?

" ya wanna...get matching tattoos? Ya know, of our names?"

"..................Did you juat ask me to marry you?"

"Maybe," Todd said, blushing hard.

"Todd "Toad" Mortimer Tolansky! You just asked me to marry you in the cutest way ever!" Kurt laughed and hugged him.

Todd still blushed hard as he was hugged, but smiled. "So, is that a yes?"

"YES!YES!YES!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will forever say YES!"

Todd grinned from ear to ear before kissing him.

The next morning.

Todd was wandering around the circus in the early morning.

Rouge was walking around with Rem while Pietro was running around.

When Pietro just passed him, Todd yelled, "Hey, speedy, I got news!"


"Fuzzy and me are gettin' married!"


"Yes!" Todd practically squealed.

"How did you do it!?"

"Last night we was just hanging out all alone and...I asked him if he wanted to get matching tattoos...he pretty much figured out what I meant."

"AW!! that's sweet!"

Todd rolled his eyes. "Whateveh. But he said yes!"


Todd laughed a bit as Pietro sped off.

Later on, Kurt sat with Todd in his tent as everyone watched Todd tattoo their names.

Todd finished up Kurt's tattoo and said, "Alright, now yu gotta do mine. Ya remember what I taught you?"

Kurt nodded and gulped hard as he took the needle.

"It's okay, sweetums. Jus' go nice an' easy. Follow the stencil."

Kurt nodded and took a deep breath then got to work.

Kurt's hand wasn't the steadied while doing Todd's tattoo, but he trusted him nevertheless. "Yer doin' great, babycakes."

Kurt smiled and soon after a while. "Kurt Wanger Tolansky" sat on his wrist. "There. Done"

Todd smiled brightly. "Perfect, cuddlebumps! It looks great!"

Kurt blushed and kissed him deeply. "Thanks angel. You ready for bed?"

Todd nodded. "That sounds real nice."

Kurt kissed him deeply and was carried off by his lover.

The end
Tattoo Circus
Another RP by me and moonheart1313
I Figured out Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost!
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